Focus Areas

LILab focuses on 7 diverse areas of Innovation. Our events cover the basics of each area in a simple and dynamic manner, making them easily digestible and applicable to any field.

Join us to iginite Innovation at one of our next events.

Business Chemistry (BC)

Finding the right chemistry between Business and Innovation. Come and test hypothesis and delve into Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Search Engine Marketing, Finance, Analytics and other business related topics.

Entrepreneurship Factory (EF)

All about start-ups: actionable advice and other insights from entrepreneurs from all industries.

Innovation’s DNA (ID)

Master the skills needed for disruptive innovation. We explore the basics which enable innovation to flourish.

Media,Design & Art’s Catalyst (DA)

Both technology and the arts define and continue to reshape the world we live in. Come and re-imagine new inventions and experiments where art and tech collide.

Social Innovation Hub (SI)

Build a collaborative hub that examines the Sustainable Development Goals (SDP) and generates innovations to reach those goals. Join us to shape the future “for people, planet and prosperity.”

Science and Tech Lab (TL)

Explore the frontiers of technology and be one of the pioneers tackling the world’s current challenges.

Women in Innovation (WI)

Help showcase and celebrate women who are at the forefront of driving innovation around the world.

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