AI and Chatbots Lab

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What is a Chatbot and What Can They Do?

The successful kickoff lab for the 2019 Live Innovation Lab (LILab) Flagship event series in Munich was about the potential of AI and Chatbots. In this immersive Lab we explored what is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. This Lab encompassed the Business Chemistry, Science and Tech Lab & Women in Innovation tracks, which are 3 of the 7 areas of Innovation which LILab focuses on. The Lab was hands-on, empowering our Innovation Champions to unfold the potential of chatbots by covering the topic in a simple and dynamic manner, making them easily digestible and applicable to any field.
Our guest Speaker was Charlotte Han who took us on a journey to explore Chatbots, their underlying technology and the use cases of Chatbots from several different industries. She was the alchemist who enabled us to create a Chatbot from scratch.
If you want to get a head start with Chatbots check out the presentation material’s LILabs are a very immersive experience that facilitates learning by doing. After the #Chatbot lab our Innovation Champions realized that trying is the best way to shift paradigms, strengthen current skills and acquire new ones.At the end of the day #Chatbots are based on Logic, the one we use everyday in our lives.

Our Innovation Champions had the opportunity to built a Chatbot without coding experience!

Get to know Charlotte Han! Charlotte processes data and computes digital strategies for a living. Thanks to growing up in Asia, becoming American in Silicon Valley and now living in Europe, she has learned to make connections where they may not seem apparent. She is passionate about helping people understand how technologies can advance human lives, and about connecting with those who are not afraid to shake things up and push the boundaries of what is possible. She currently works as a Deep Learning Marketing Manager at NVIDIA, where she sees first-hand how AI is transforming industries. Connect with her on Twitter (@sunsiren) or LinkedIn.
Thanks to Charlotte Han for being our first guest speaker and for inspiring us to create new possibilities. Connect with her on Twitter (@sunsiren) or LinkedIn. Get to know our hosts for the evening!
We want to thank the Women.startup program in Munich for collaborating with us and hosting this event. Learn about their programs and all the support they have for Women entrepreneurs.

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