About us

Live Innovation Lab (LILab) is an organization whose core mission is to fuel innovation through I.D.E.E.

LILab Goals

LILab bridges the gap between STEM, Business and Humanities fields that may be currently existing in isolation.

In order to do this, we strongly believe in democratizing Innovation by creating environments whereby it can easily be fostered.

LILab focus on 7 areas of Innovation. See LILab focus areas and participate in one of our next events.

LILab bridges also the gender gap by providing the tools and opportunities to bring more women from different fields into the innovation scene.

We regularly host a variety of events, from workshops to inspiring talks and experimental labs, that empower ideas and ignite innovations.

The events cover the basics of each topic in a simple and dynamic manner, making them easily digestible and applicable to any field.

Live Innovation Lab brings together people from STEM, Business and Hummanities fields to transform personal insights into hundreds of ideas, and build lasting global innovation networks.

LILab is driven to ignite an interest in innovation in order to make it accessible to all, empowering, educating and inspiring STEM & Business innovators, upcoming Start-ups, Intrapreneurs and leaders to create a more diverse, sustainable and innovative future.

We are looking for Innovation Champions

Join us in a Lab where Innovations become Live!

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